Friday Five

It’s FRIIIIIIDAY! Are y’all starting to think I work for the weekend? Because I do. Our weekdays are full of work, cooking dinner, daycare drop-off and pick-up, a million errands and commitments. So, weekends are our time to spend together and with Whit. Like, actual quality time. Not just, “Yay we’re having so much fun! EAT DINNER! PUT ON JAMMIES! GO TO BED!”

Anywho. We don’t have any real plans this weekend, so we might find ourselves at the zoo (yeah, we’re members like every other genius parent out there). Without further ado, here’s the Friday Five…

Kelley Blake - Adirondack Chair

1  |  The scallops. The woven teak. In love with this chair!

2  |  This screams summer to me.

3  |  I’ve had my eye on this print for a while.

Kelley Blake - Studio McGee

4  |  This whole reveal is giving me so much inspiration for our home.

5  |  This guy has me in tears with nearly all of his posts.


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