Friday Five

Happy Friday, y’all! Has this felt like the longest week ever to anyone else? I am ready for the weekend!! We’re grabbing breakfast tomorrow morning with some sweet friends of ours and then headed to a wedding for another friend tomorrow afternoon. It’ll be the first wedding we’ve been to at the church we got married in since we got married there more than four years ago. Cra-zy.

Anyways, on the Friday Five…

FF 3

1  |  This DIY is so easy and gorgeous.

2  |  Well, this is the cutest iPhone cover ever.

3  |  I’m going to need to make this asap.

FF 4

4  |  The most perfect little salt and pepper shakers.

5  |  Trying to up my maternity style game with this.


Hope everyone has a fun and relaxing weekend 🙂



Setting the {Thanksgiving} Table

This year, Zach and I are staying home for Thanksgiving and I’ll be making dinner for a few of us. I’ve got my menu all ready and most everything has been purchased with the exception of some veggies and the meat. It’s finally starting to get colder here (thank ya Jesus!) so it’ll be nice to wear clothes that look like it’s actually Thanksgiving here. And leggings. Always leggings. They’re stretchy and comfy and I don’t care if you think they can’t be worn as pants. As long as my top covers my bottom, I will be wearing them!

Along with Thanksgiving comes beautiful ways to set your table, whether keeping with the traditional colors or going a bit more modern with metallics. Here are a few of my favorites to give you some inspiration for your table…

Thanksgiving Table 8


Thanksgiving Table 7


Thanksgiving Table 1


Thanksgiving Table 2


Thanksgiving Table 4


Thanksgiving Table 5


Thanksgiving Table 6


Also, as someone who is fully in her “adult” years now, I think that fall break and Christmas break are wasted on the youths. The real people who need it are those of us who work 40+ hours a week and are cooking these holiday meals and prepping for out-of-town guests. If we could just get someone to pass legislation on this making it mandatory, that would be great.

God speed to everyone hosting Thanksgiving at their house this week.


Dine + Dash

Sometimes I feel like decorating our house is a never-ending process (which I kinda like and kinda loathe). Am I the only one? I’m a big believer in decorating rooms over a long period of time to make the space seem more put together, but there are days when I just want it all to come together asap. I’ve started budgeting money each month to put toward home items and force myself to buy those much needed items (and get rid of those items that have just been fillers). So, I’ll definitely be sharing some decor updates around the house in the coming months.

The dining chairs we currently have are mismatched and are just hand-me-downs or ones I picked up along the way that haven’t been anything special. We have a very light gray (Martha Stewart’s Sharkey Gray) dining table I painted a few years ago (see it here on my old blog). I tend to keep items and not buy anything new unless I get rid of said items to make room for new ones. I know. I’m crazy. So, I gathered a few pictures from Pinterest to get an idea of what route I want to take with our dining chairs…

Dining Chairs 01

View More:

Dining Chairs 03

Dining Room 02

Dining Chairs 07

Dining Chairs 08

1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6

I really love the look of pairing two comfy chairs as the heads of the table. Do you have any tips for picking dining room chairs? What kind of looks do y’all like – more formal or on the casual side?