Friday Five

FF Campfire Cocktail

1  |  This cocktail looks delicious and perfect for the holidays.

2  |  Yes to everything in this home.

3  |  This might be perfect chic winter outfit.

FF Elizabeth Stone Bracelet

4  |  Love the colors in this bracelet!

5  |  This product is going to be my skin’s saving grace this winter.

Happy Friday!


Friday Five

Hello sweet friends! We made it to Friday again (enter praise hands emoji)! This week a miracle happened. I’ve been begging my husband to let me get our Christmas tree out of storage, but he kept insisting that we wait until Thanksgiving…which I totally get. Look, I didn’t ask to be this crazy early Christmas decorator, but this year I just need that extra sparkle in my living room for an extended amount of time. Still, Zach was firm that it was too early. So being the spitfire resourceful gal I am, I remembered we had a tiny tree that could sit up on our built-in bookcase and I set it up in protest. HELL NO WE WON’T GO…or something like that.

I came home from work on Tuesday, I pulled into our driveway, got out of the car and walked to our back door. What do I see? OUR CHRISTMAS TREE! It’s a dang Thanksgiving miracle, folks. I was so excited I even busted out in dance (side note: I’m a horrible dancer. Think Elaine from Seinfeld. Little kicks.) This weekend, I’ll be finishing up putting lights on our nine-foot tree. Just call me Clark.

Now let’s see what else I’ve been loving this week…


1  |  How perfect are these for your holiday place settings?

2  |  I tried a bunch of these products and loved them (and their mission) so much I’m now a consultant! (more on that soon!)

3  |  This speaks to me on so many levels.

loft leather leggings

4  |  I picked these up recently and they are perfection!

5  |  Finalizing my Thanksgiving menu and this appetizer looks delish.


Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


Friday Five

Happy Friday! This weekend will be the first in several that Zach and I will both be home with no plans…and I AM SO EXCITED. I need to get some deep cleaning done, organizing, purging and best of all – Christmas shopping! Mostly online because heaven knows I cannot handle the crazies out shopping for long. I feel so ahead of the game this year with our shopping. I already have a few gifts purchased for and we at least have an idea of what we’re getting for everyone. If you have your shopping all done already, I do not want to hear it. You can go sit in that little corner over yonder with all of the other super organized, stress-free people. This area is for those of us who procrastinate and wish we could be like y’all. Anyways, on to the Friday Five…

Friday Five 1

1  |  These style tips couldn’t come at a better time.

2  |  I have one of these on my desktop right now. Love!

3  |  Well, this is genius.

Friday Five 2

4  |  I think these would be such perfect gifts.

5  |  I want to eat this right now. Or everything Stephanie makes.

Friday Five

Well, we made it guys. Friday is here again. Enter raise the roof emoji here. In case you missed my post from Tuesday, I’ve been under the weather this week so that would explain the lack of posts. I’m feeling much better today, although my sinuses would have to disagree. I sound like a 1940s telephone operator (errr, “operatah”). This weekend will be full of resting, cleaning, organizing, watching football and holiday schedule scheming. On to the five…blue-yellow-pink-christmas-tree-3

1   |   Loving these DIY Christmas ornaments. Don’t even start on the ‘it’s too early’ stuff. I don’t want to hear it. I’m already thinking of ways to convince my husband to set up the Christmas tree before Thanksgiving. Don’t tell 😉

2   |   This nursery is sheer perfection.

3   |   I feel like adding these will soon be a project at our house.

agate diy pulls

4   |   Jenny always has the best DIYs and this one is getting added to my list.

5   |   A friend of mine was wearing these recently and I fell hard for them. Need.

I hope you each have a wonderful weekend. Unless you’re an LSU fan. Sorry. But you can have a good weekend next weekend. I’ll allow that.

Friday Five

It’s Fridayyyyy. We’re headed to my hometown of Marietta, Georgia, this weekend to see our six-year-old nephew play his last baseball game of the season and to cuddle with our new (only 12 weeks old!) niece. The weather should be perfect!

On to the Friday Five…
Inside the Draper James flagship in Nashville.

1  |  I’m smitten over Reese Witherspoon’s new Draper James store.

2  |  I need this coat in my life (and it’s under $100!).

3  |  Loving these art prints and think I may need to scoop one up.


4  |  Well, if this isn’t the cutest (and most on-trend) pumpkin DIY ever.

5  |  I made this the other night and holy. yum.

Friday Five

I always love seeing what other bloggers find out there, whether it’s another blogger’s post on how to DIY something or a must-have dress or just tidbits about wine life. So, I thought I would start a weekly post where I share five things I stumbled upon this week with y’all! Here it goes…

Friday Five 01 - One Kings Lane

1  |  This home tour from some of my favorite designers is to die for.

2  |  I’m going to get this color asap. It’s perfect for fall!

3  |  Definitely need to put this pretty on my Christmas list.

Friday Five 02 - Fall Outfit

4  |  Love everything about this outfit.

5  |  Really loving this series that several bloggers are doing. Lots of insight!

Happy Friday! We’re headed to the Alabama vs. Tennessee game tomorrow to cheer on the Tide, so I’ll leave you with this video. Have a great weekend!