Friday Five

Happy Friday! This weekend will be the first in several that Zach and I will both be home with no plans…and I AM SO EXCITED. I need to get some deep cleaning done, organizing, purging and best of all – Christmas shopping! Mostly online because heaven knows I cannot handle the crazies out shopping for long. I feel so ahead of the game this year with our shopping. I already have a few gifts purchased for and we at least have an idea of what we’re getting for everyone. If you have your shopping all done already, I do not want to hear it. You can go sit in that little corner over yonder with all of the other super organized, stress-free people. This area is for those of us who procrastinate and wish we could be like y’all. Anyways, on to the Friday Five…

Friday Five 1

1  |  These style tips couldn’t come at a better time.

2  |  I have one of these on my desktop right now. Love!

3  |  Well, this is genius.

Friday Five 2

4  |  I think these would be such perfect gifts.

5  |  I want to eat this right now. Or everything Stephanie makes.


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