Hostess with the Mostess Gifts

Y’all. It’s still so dreary here. I’m pretty sure I requested someone do a ‘no-rain dance’ so what the heck happened? If you’ll just go ahead and fix it I won’t get too crabby. Although, I can’t say that my hair won’t be mad. She’s very temperamental.

This is the time of year when things start to rev up and get much busier for everyone. Thanksgiving is around the corner and after that we all just seem to go into overdrive with holiday parties, events and visiting family. With all of these parties and get-togethers, I think it’s always nice to show up with a little something for the host and/or hostess. Just a little token of gratitude for them opening up their home and me not having to frantically clean my house and act like this (my husband thanks you as well for not having to endure my hysterics).

Here are a few of my favorite ideas for hostess gifts!

Hostess Gifts

1  |  Tea Towel – These are not only cute, but useful, too! I love getting ones locally and pairing them with a homemade baked good or some cute measuring spoons.

2  |  Recipe Cards – If you’re going to a potluck or holiday event where you’re already bringing a dish, pick up some recipe cards to pair with it! Go ahead and write your recipe on one then tie the stack of them together with some baker’s twine!

3  |  Boxwood Wreath – Everyone loves a little (faux) greenery! Tie a bow on the wreath to make it a bit more festive. Another option is to pick up a little potted plant and tie a bow around it. Although I have a black thumb, I always love having some green around the house.

4  |  Wine Tote – Grab the host/hostesses favorite bottle of wine and tuck it into this cute tote. Easy and cute!

5  |  Cocktail Napkins – I seem to have a collection of cute and colorful cocktail napkins at our house and I always love having an assortment for parties and get-togethers. Bring some for the hostess along with some homemade cheese straws!

6  |  Cake Stand – These are great for bringing your cake or pie on and gifting the host with the stand. These are also awesome for showcasing on bookshelves, in china cabinets and I love having them by the sink in the kitchen or bathroom to hold soaps and lotions.

7  |  Candle – Well, this is just obvious. Candles are simple gifts that just about everyone loves to get. My favorites are the mini versions of the Capri Blue in Volcano and the Voluspa French Cade Lavender. Pair it with some cute matches and it’s a thoughtful and cozy gift during the winter months.

8  | Coasters – These are great to give with a bottle of wine or maybe some wine glasses. I love the look of marble coasters because they go with everything and suit multiple styles.

9  |  Coffee Mug – These mugs are so cute! They have them in black and white, too (I have one for me and one for Zach). I think these are great paired with homemade hot chocolate mix or dipped spoons. Or pick up the Williams-Sonoma hot chocolate and call it a day (it is beyond delicious!).

10  |  Picture Frame – Everyone can use a picture frame! If it’s for family, maybe pop in a family picture so it’s ready to be displayed.

11  |  Vase – One of my favorites. Easy to get and just need to add fresh flowers. Aren’t these gorgeous?

12  |  Bottle Stopper – Again, add wine. Can you tell I like getting giving wine?

What are some of your favorite gifts to give and get as a hostess?


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