Oversized Scarves for Every Budget

My absolute favorite fall and winter accessory is a scarf. It’s so easy to just throw on some jeans and a top, then layer with a scarf and it seems to up your whole outfit and make it all come together. And I am all for easy outfits. Jeans. Shirt. Scarf. BOOM. BAM. DONE. SON.

Oversized scarves or blanket scarves, in particular, have been big (pun intended) these past few seasons and it seems they are again. So what better way to kick off the start of cooler temps than giving y’all a few oversized scarf options for every budget!

Blanket Scarves Under 1001   |   2   |   3

I have the first one on my wish list!

Blanket Scarves Under 50

4   |   5   |   6

I have one like number six and wear it all the time!

Blanket Scarves Under 25
7   |   8   |   9

I picked up the ninth one above last weekend and love it! Now if it would just get a little colder here, I could enjoy all my scarves!

Skimp or Splurge: Western Ankle Booties

Happy Monday, y’all! Over the weekend, I wandered into Target looking for a pair of booties I saw online that seemed like nearly perfect dupes for the Dolce Vita ‘Grayden’ bootie that I’ve been drooling over.  And they are even better in person! Without further ado, here is the splurge version which comes in at $140…

And here is the version I picked up at Target called the Merona ‘Sawyer’ booties which are only $34.99…

I picked up the smoke colored ones and they are SO comfortable! I wore them around all day yesterday and they didn’t rub or hurt my feet. At only $35 bucks a pop, I think I may order the taupe colored ones, too!

Have you found any good Skimp or Splurge items lately? Let me know by emailing me at kelleyblakeblog@gmail.com! 

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Friday Five

I always love seeing what other bloggers find out there, whether it’s another blogger’s post on how to DIY something or a must-have dress or just tidbits about wine life. So, I thought I would start a weekly post where I share five things I stumbled upon this week with y’all! Here it goes…

Friday Five 01 - One Kings Lane

1  |  This home tour from some of my favorite designers is to die for.

2  |  I’m going to get this color asap. It’s perfect for fall!

3  |  Definitely need to put this pretty on my Christmas list.

Friday Five 02 - Fall Outfit

4  |  Love everything about this outfit.

5  |  Really loving this series that several bloggers are doing. Lots of insight!

Happy Friday! We’re headed to the Alabama vs. Tennessee game tomorrow to cheer on the Tide, so I’ll leave you with this video. Have a great weekend!

Dine + Dash

Sometimes I feel like decorating our house is a never-ending process (which I kinda like and kinda loathe). Am I the only one? I’m a big believer in decorating rooms over a long period of time to make the space seem more put together, but there are days when I just want it all to come together asap. I’ve started budgeting money each month to put toward home items and force myself to buy those much needed items (and get rid of those items that have just been fillers). So, I’ll definitely be sharing some decor updates around the house in the coming months.

The dining chairs we currently have are mismatched and are just hand-me-downs or ones I picked up along the way that haven’t been anything special. We have a very light gray (Martha Stewart’s Sharkey Gray) dining table I painted a few years ago (see it here on my old blog). I tend to keep items and not buy anything new unless I get rid of said items to make room for new ones. I know. I’m crazy. So, I gathered a few pictures from Pinterest to get an idea of what route I want to take with our dining chairs…

Dining Chairs 01

View More: http://brittanyrosebowen.pass.us/summerwoodhouse

Dining Chairs 03

Dining Room 02

Dining Chairs 07

Dining Chairs 08

1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6

I really love the look of pairing two comfy chairs as the heads of the table. Do you have any tips for picking dining room chairs? What kind of looks do y’all like – more formal or on the casual side?

Back in the Groove

let your joy rise to the surface

Back in 2009, I started a blog called The Eclectic Owl. I loved blogging and having an outlet for creative purposes – and really just talking about whatever was on my mind (mostly decor, fashion, recipes and life updates).

At the time, I was living in Huntsville, Alabama, while my boyfriend Zach (now husband) was finishing up school at The University of Alabama and then continued living in Tuscaloosa after taking a job. Once that job led to a full-time position in Montgomery, I moved just a few weeks later and things got busier and the blog fell by the wayside. I didn’t realize how much time and energy the blog took to really maintain and keep current and exciting!

Now that I’ve had a few years without blogging, I realize how much I miss it and miss having this community of fellow bloggers and friends you would otherwise never meet (err, “meet”). So, here I am getting back into the groove of the blogging world and hoping you’ll follow along!