Oversized Scarves for Every Budget

My absolute favorite fall and winter accessory is a scarf. It’s so easy to just throw on some jeans and a top, then layer with a scarf and it seems to up your whole outfit and make it all come together. And I am all for easy outfits. Jeans. Shirt. Scarf. BOOM. BAM. DONE. SON.

Oversized scarves or blanket scarves, in particular, have been big (pun intended) these past few seasons and it seems they are again. So what better way to kick off the start of cooler temps than giving y’all a few oversized scarf options for every budget!

Blanket Scarves Under 1001   |   2   |   3

I have the first one on my wish list!

Blanket Scarves Under 50

4   |   5   |   6

I have one like number six and wear it all the time!

Blanket Scarves Under 25
7   |   8   |   9

I picked up the ninth one above last weekend and love it! Now if it would just get a little colder here, I could enjoy all my scarves!


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